A girl, her husband, their life

Air mattress?

Why are air mattresses so uncomfortable?

Hubby and I babysitting his nieces as my sister in law and her husband are in Vegas.   It’s been a nice weekend; the girls are super easy to babysit and I visited with my parents for a few hours yesterday.  I’ve also finished homework for the week and am enjoying the Superbowl commercials (I have little interest in who wins the game…I guess I’m rooting for the Packers?).  But we have slept on an air mattress, and it has been awful.  At least this time we remembered our own pillows.

Why do they have the dips in them?  It makes no sense.  And, the covers do not stay on.  Last night, I woke up about 5 times to fix the covers because it was so flipping cold!  And hubby woke up at least twice due to the cold.  Due to this lack of sleep, I am achy and sleepy.  I am very much looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.

On a separate note, I played Just Dance 2 this weekend with the nieces and it was awesome!  It’s so much fun and such a workout.  I believe hubby and I will be purchasing it in the very near future.  I want to get in better shape, and hopefully this game will motivate me.  What motivators do you have in exercise?

And a lovely picture from sunset on Friday (it was a gorgeous sunset):


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